About Us

Formed in 2017, Smart India Services provides a bouquet of services in order to ensure safety and security of homes, schools and workplaces. Our dedicated team of trained workers use the most advanced equipment in order to provide quality service.

Our Mission

We believe in creating brand value through our services. Hence, our mission is to achieve this brand value and ensure the name of Smart India comes to one's mind first when they talk about security or any of the services that we provide. Also, we aim to increase the quality of our performance every time and learn something new that can be implemented in order to provide a better and healthier surrounding.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about a change in the environment we work in- be it school, office or home. We aim to have muh more employees in different fields in the near future so that we can provide our services to more and more places. We believe in discipline, compliance and transparency which happen to be our greatest strength. We always accept ew challenges so that we get more able with time. We also aim to be on time as and when needed.

Our Staff

Our staff is our greatest strength. Hence, we always ensure aur staff is well-trained. Each of our staff members is well versed in their roles. They are up-to-date with the latest scenario and requirements at a workplace. They always welcome new challenges and aim to learn more everyday. They are always energetic and aim to perform with confidence and vigour. This is what makes Smart India create its brand.